Do you provide and do we need a baby seat?
We recommend you supply your own child seat as cabs with build in child seats are not always available.
Can we reserve a cab at the Bellingham International Airport?
Reserving a cab to meet your flight is highly recommended.
Why did an empty Yellow Cab not stop for me?
If an empty cab passes you by, he or she is most likely on the way to pick up a fare.
How can I become a taxi driver?
Check out our Drivers page!
Is smoking allowed in the cab?
Washington State Law RCW.70.160.030 No person may smoke in a public place or in any place of employment.
Can you take me to Canada?

Yes we go to Canada. You must have one of the following designated documents:

  • Passport
  • Passport card
  • Enhanced driver's license (EDL)
  • or "Trusted Traveler" document such as a Nexus Card.

Travelers must have required travel documents such as passports and visas if necessary, ready and in hand at the tollbooth.

Does Yellow Cab accept Canadian money?
We accept Canadian money at an estimated exchange rate.
Can I use a credit card?
Yes! Credit cards are absolutely accepted!
How can I make a complaint or compliment?

We appreciate feedback! You can give us by calling our customer service center at 360-733-8294.

Are there illegal cabs in this area?
All legal cabs are inspected and licensed annually by the Bellingham Police Department. Look for this sticker!